Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, we offer #Aklamp#AklampMini, and #Origabi. Please stay tuned as we’ll introduce new offerings soon!


This is a valid question, and we’ve been asked this many times before.

Although we want all our items made here in the Philippines, logistical limitations and financial viability prevent us from doing so.

Our goal is to provide you high-quality products that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Paliwanag Lights is an #allPinoy outfit. All employees are #Filipino. Every time you buy from us, you #supportlocal. For that, we are proud.


If it’s not too obvious to you (YAYY!), Aklamp is a portmanteau of ‘aklat’ (book) and lamp. Your Aklamp lights up once you open up the ‘pages’. It is more magical seen than read, so consider buying one for yourself now!


Your Aklamp is chargeable via microUSB. Charging wire is included with your purchase. You can use any USB adaptor you have.


Charging time: 3-4 hours

Battery-use time: 6-8 hours

Aklamp Mini

Charging time: 2-3 hours

Battery-use time: 4-6 hours


The cover is made of wood, up to you if you fancy light wood (Maple) or dark finish (Walnut). The ‘pages’ are made of tyvek.

Tyvek is a cloth material that has similar qualities to paper. Although it can be folded and hold its shape, tyvek is water resistant and is more durable. BUT since Aklamp has electronics inside, please don’t let it get wet.


Go to this link: https://paliwanag.com/shop to see available Paliwanag products. Decide on which ones you like (we suggest you get one Aklamp and one Aklamp Mini for variety), click the image, and you’ll know your way.

Tara na at #magpaliwanag!



Any questions regarding payment? Email us at contact@paliwanag.com, we’ll address those right away.


We ship out items every TThS, cut-off of orders is 11:00PM the day before.

Standard Delivery is 1 to 10 days from ship-out date. Please understand that we don’t have control over the courier, but we’re doing our best to have those #PaliwanagLights delivered right away.

For next-day-delivery, it’s that: delivered on the next day. #cantwait


We’ll try to be as flexible as possible. Once your order’s status changes to Shipped, then all the particulars (items, addresses, etc.) are locked. Anything before that, just contact us via contact@paliwanag.com or FB Messenger and we’ll try to accommodate. #letushelpyou

Please, strictly no cancellations. Joy buyers don’t at all elicit joy. Support local business by buying, #notjoybuying.